All films are in Spanish with English Subtitles

Keep Away from fire


Saturday 11th May, 16:00

Climate change has provoked a massive increase in migration, vandalic acts and hate crimes. After years without seeing each other, Palo and her friends get together in a summerhouse to catch up, and if possible, recover their friendship. Far away from yesterdays differences that drove them apart. Far away from the city, Far away from the fire.

A Spanish action/drama directed and produced by Javier Artigas, who was an ERASMUS student in Aarhus. This film comes out in Spain in June 2019

Not rated yet.

Los Amores Cobardes

Friday 10th May, 19:00

The film centers around Eva, a strong and independent woman that returns to her home town to spend the summer. There, her mother and her only unconditional friend Gema, wait for her. What Eva did not expect was to find Rubén, who used to be her best friend until he chose to suddenly cut all contact with her. Without explanations. Without goodbyes and with a lot of questions which now Eva hopes will be answered. 

A romantic drama with a script by the film’s director Carmen Blanco, who also co-produced the film. The film come out in September 2018 in Spanish cinemas.


Pasaje de Vida

Saturday 11th May, 12:00

Tells the story of a young idealistic couple whose love gets divided by their ideals when they have to decide if they will go from political activism to armed conflict in the difficult Argentina of the 70’s.

Directed by Diego Corsini. The film is a Spanish/Argentinian coproduction. Came our in Spain in the Spring of 2018


The invocation of Enver Simaku

Saturday 11th May, 19:00

Albania 1997. A video image, ghostly and deteriorated, obsesses Julien and keeps him awake at night. Almost two decades after the murder of his wife Ángela, Julien returns to Albania with the determination to investigate an ocean of impossible recordings, police reports and visions from beyond.

A fantasy/horror film directed and produced by Marco Lledó Escartín, it had its premier at the Stiges Film Festival for fantastic cinema in 2018 and first come out in cinemas in Spain on the 26th of April 2019.


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